Vagisil Ph Balance Wash 250ml



All Vagisil Washes are especially designed for the unique needs of intimate skin, gynaecologist tested and gentle enough for daily use. And did you know, your period, sex, tight clothes, menopause, even some body washes and soap can disrupt your vaginal area balance? And when your balance is off, you feel more vulnerable. Only Vagisil pH Balance Intimate Wash has LactoPrebiotic and helps support a healthy intimate pH and fortify natural defences. Now you can feel balanced and fresh all day long.IngredientsAquaSodium Laureth SulfateCocamidopropyl BetaineLauryl GlucosideGlycerinAloe Barbadensis Leaf ExtractAnthemis Nobilis Flower ExtractLactitolTocopheryl AcetateCalendula Officianalis Flower ExtractPropylene GlycolPEG-120 Methyl Glucose DioleatePolyquaternium-10Disodium EDTABenzethonium ChlorideSodium BenzoatePotassium SorbateCitric AcidSodium ChlorideLactic AcidParfum (RD-0005048)DirectionsDirections: Pour into hand or flannel and apply. Lather thoroughly. Use it daily to feel fresh and confident.Safety WarningFor external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of accidental contact, rinse eyes with water. Keep out of reach of children.Box Contains1 x Vagisil pH Balance Intimate Wash * Helps fortify natural defences | * Clinically and gynaecologist tested | * With LactoPrebiotic | * Gentle enough for daily use | * Hypoallergenic

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