Zingology Raspberry Powder 198g



Zingology Raspberry Powder 198gPioneering technology used to create our Raspberry Powder is so gentle all the nutrients and taste of the fruit remains intact. Simple to use in baking, cooking, drinking and sprinkling. This is not a freeze-dried product as we use a new patented technology to ensure all the vitamins, enzymes, nutrients, colour and flavour remain intact. We never add any additional ingredients or synthetic colourings so you can enjoy a 100% natural product. A delicious and pure raspberry powder that provides the flavour and nutritional benefits of fresh raspberries in a convenient and easy to use organic raspberry powder. Our raspberries are grown under optimum conditions and carefully harvested at their nutritional peak. Within minutes of picking, the freshly picked raspberry becomes a fine powder that retains 100 percent nutrition, as well as full flavour, aroma and colour. Our pioneering technology creates solid, encased particles in trapezoidal/triangular shapes - each side has a flat, smooth surface that reflects light, creating a sparkle effect like a diamond or gemstone. The powders are simple to store - just keep in a dry cupboard alongside your flour and other staples - just remember to close the lid properly after use. 198g is equivalent to 660 whole raspberries. Contains 22 servings. One 9g scoop is equivalent to 1/2 cup raspberries or approximate 30 raspberries. 1/2 cup raspberries contains 32 calories. Ingredients Organic Raspberry Powder Box Contains 1 x Organic Raspberry Powder 198 g B00K02Q50M

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