4711 Single Soap - 100g



Cleanse skin with the creamy comfort of the 4711 cream soap, a richly lathering bar that can be used in both the bath and the shower. The mild and non-drying formulation works to lift away dirt and grime and smoothes the skin in one step. The skin is infused with the distinctive 4711 fragrance, making for a good bathing experience.Note: Date mentioned on the item is Manufactured date and not the Expiry dateBox Contains100 g soap Fragrance from the perfumery of Maurer & Wirtz | A solid soap bar fragranced with a unisex Eau de Cologne | Top Notes: Bergamot, lemon, orange heart. Notes: Lavender, rosemary base. Notes: Neroli | Bergamot, lemon and orange revitalises, lavender and rosemary strengthens nerves and neroli has a calming effect, creating a positive mood | A 100 g soap

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