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Extra Quality Beeswax - Creme Pink Hot Wax This fantastic hot wax allows a virtually-painless waxing process. It is very popular on intimate areas and its creamy consistency allows the skin to state hydrated a smooth. Hot wax is a strip-less process which removes the hair from its root and therefore taking longer to grow back. The high purity and quality of this wax allows a very low melting point which doesn't only mean less waiting time, but it insures a nicer treatment for people with heat sensitivity - It's not only about removing hair but also protecting and taking care of the skin! This product is used professionally world wide, achieving the highest standards of quality. Box Contains 1 x Tittle Excellent on strong and stubborn hair | Ideal for intimate areas - Brazilian, Hollywood, Armpits, Lip, etc | Deeper hair removal for a more effective wax | High purity beeswax. Resulting in a lower melting point, more elasticity and less pain! | Contains titanium dioxide, making it creamier and nicer on the skin

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