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BeYou BeYou Anti Chafing Cream 50gThe Rub - The BeYou Anti Chafing cream is for all your rubbing issues. It has been specifically formulated to protect and calm any areas irritated by friction. The time of the month - Sanitary towels can be so irritating not just for you but for your thighs! Our non-greasy formula allows you to use this chafing cream while on your period, meaning not even pads can stop you from moving freely. Hot weather - Let's face it, the heat and humidity can suck - especially for those of us who chafe! Whether you only chafe on holiday, or the heat simply makes things worse, we've got your back! Our anti-chafing cream is formulated to have long-lasting coverage on the skin, so your thighs don't feel like they're being ripped to shreds on holiday (or the 3 days of Sun in the UK!) Fitness - The high performing ingredients meaning our anti-chafing cream can combat moisture and sweat while exercising, making sure you're friction free throughout your workout. If you're the marathon type, you may need to re-apply every few hours, but we don't think that's too bad! B083KH47KM

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