Bic 2 Pack 10 Twin Blade Razor



Multipack, Money saving listing consisting of 2 x BIC 2 Sensitive Shaver Pack 10. Note: The ?2? directly refers to the amount of blades on each razor. Box Contains 2 x Bic 2 Sensitive Pack of 10 A pack of 10 disposable BIC 2 Sensitive razors for men with twin blades that provide a comfortable shave | Engineered with a slim fixed head that delivers precision in those particularly tricky areas | The stainless steel blades are both coated with polymer and chrome to keep them durable and sharper longer | Twin-blade razors that are quick and efficient for a softer shave than the single-blade BIC 1 | The long handle on these BIC 2 Sensitive men’s razors is designed for accurate handling and control

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