Bourjois Le Duo Blush 03 Caramelized Melo

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Mesdames et Mesdemoiselles, Bourjois introduces a trend: colour contouring, also called draping and draping is the contouring. Duo Blush Sculpt is designed to contour your face with colour to create a radiant, healthy and natural look and is easy to use. This ideal duo consists in two shades: A dark shade to contour and a light shade to blush in the iconic little round pot blush design. Curious about the draping routine? Step 1: Sculpt your face with the darker shade to reveal your cheekbone. Step 2: Colour the top of your cheek with the lighter shade for a natural healthy complexion. Choose from the whole range of Duo Blush Sculpt that consists in 3 natural colours with a nice pearly texture to beautifully enhance your skin. No worries - the fine and lightweight texture is easy to spread so you can create a sculpted look, yet it gives a natural result. This duo allows you to shape your face and enlight your complexion with soft colours | Contains two shades: A light shade to blush and a darker shade to contour | Fine and lightweight texture makes product easy to use | Facilitate the creation of sculpted and colour contoured look | Gives natural and luminous result on skin

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