Carnation Footcare Tofoam

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Carnation tofoam, made from medical grade foam with 100 percent cotton lining, provides comfortable protection and padding of toes, feet, fingers and hands. Easily and quickly cut to size and shape required. Tofoam can be positioned without the need for adhesives or tapes. Directions Ensure skin is clean and dry. Choose correct size of tofoam and cut length required with scissors. Pull onto finger or toe to protect area. Can be removed and replaced as necessary. Safety Warning Diabetics should seek professional medical advice before using any footcare product. If you are unsure about your health condition always speak to a medical professional. All content on this website is for information purposes only and should not be taken as professional medical advice. Always read the label prior to using any product. Legal Disclaimer As we operate a large high street store, some items may be shop soiled. But all items will be brand new, just the outer packaging may not on some occasions be 100% perfect. Grab a Bargain! Box Contains 1 x Carnation Footcare Tofoam Provides comfortable protection and padding of toes | Easily and quickly cut to the size and shape required | Can be positioned without the need for adhesives or tapes

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