Clearspring Organic Japanese White Unpasteurised Miso - Jar 270g



Clearspring Organic Japanese White Unpasteurised Miso - Jar 270gMiso will naturally darken with time; this will not affect quality. Miso is a live product and ongoing fermentation may cause the lid to bulge. It will still be safe to consume. Harmless white yeasts may develop from exposure to air. Simply skim off. Our Organic White Miso is made to an old family recipe in Japan?s Nagano prefecture and offers a delicious balance of savory and sweetness whilst still packing an umami punch. Use to make an authentic Japanese miso soup and to enrich the flavor of stews and sauces or in dressings and even as a glaze.IngredientsSOYA BEANS* (53%), Cultured Rice*, Sea Salt, Water. *organically grown.DirectionsUse to make an authentic Japanese miso soup, or to season and enrich the flavour of stews, casseroles, sauces and salad dressings. Dissolve in a little water then add towards the end of cooking.Manufacturer Contact InformationClearspring Ltd., 19A Acton Park Estate, London W3 7QE, UK B08BN9T3B8

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