COCOFINA Organic Coconut Cream - 400ml EXP-10-23


Cocofina was founded by Jacob Thundil 17 years ago, he is originally from Kerala. Kerala, in Sanskrit literally translates to ?the land of the coconut trees?. Our purpose is to produce real honest healthy food and, in the meantime, to minimise the impact to the environment and treat our producers fairly. Cocofina Coconut Cream is produced by grinding the coconut meat with water and passing it through a fine filter. It is rich in healthy fats and can be used as an alternative to cream in cooking and baking, as well as in whipped cream, milkshakes and smoothies. Ingredients: 100% organic coconut (90%), Water Directions for use: Use our coconut milk in your soups, curries, stews and to make desserts. Allergens: None Store in a cool place. Once opened use immediately or freeze in ice cube trays.

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