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A Faber-Castell Creativity For Kids Colouring & ARTivity Book. This series of open-ended colouring and activity books are full of fun and enriching activities for children ages 3 and up. Each book is filled with original and unique designs created by artists to stimulate and encourage creativity, puzzles, games, and fun facts that enrich the colouring experience, and tips and techniques to inspire ways to colour and create. Plus, each book features watercolour art paper for kids who love to paint! The high-quality paper provides great results with all art media, watercolour, pastels, crayons, and pencils. This package contains the Gross & Yucky Monsters and Aliens 10 x 10 activity book. Artist: David Kegg. Spiral-bound: 24 pages. Safety Warning not appropriate for children under the age of 3 years Box Contains 1 x Gross & Yucky Monsters Artivity Book USE: This 'Gross and Yucky Monsters' activity book is full of fun and enriching activities which are sure to keep children entertained, along with unique designs created by artists to stimulate and encourage creativity. | EXPLORE IT: This high-quality paper pad works well with various types of art media such as watercolour, pastels, crayons and pencils. This book is perfect for rainy days, entertainment at home or on the go whilst travelling. Plenty to keep your little ones entertained. | SPIRAL BINDING: This allows the book to lay flat whilst in use. It also features perforated pages so artwork can be displayed upon completion. | INCLUDES: The pages in this book measure 10” x 10” and feature 24 high-quality watercolour pages which are ready to be coloured in whether that’s using markers, crayons, pencils or watercolour paints. This activity books contains a selection of fun facts, puzzles, crafts, games and more on each page.

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