Dove Men Invisible Dry Roll On Antiperspirant Deodorant 50Ml 96081723

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The Dove Men+Care Invisible Dry roll-on deodorant is the first Dove Men & Care anti-perspirant that has been tested for 100 colours and leaves no visible white stains. With subtle masculine fragrance, it protects 48 hours of protection against underarm wetness and odour and gives you soft and smooth underarms with ¼ care cream. Anti-perspirant: no chance of sweat and body odour. An anti-perspirant reliably combats body odour and acts against underarm wetness. And this is how it works: the active ingredients in antiperspirants form a film on the skin surface. They react with sweat to a kind of gel, thus narrowing the output of the sweat glands and thus reduce the formation of sweat. White or yellow spots on clothes? That doesn't have to be Dove Invisible Dry is the first anti-perspirant tested for 100 colours and is proven to not leave visible stains. So not only does it have to worry about sweat and body odour: simply apply deodorant and then leave the house immediately - without having to look into the mirror once again. What distinguishes Dove deodorants from many others? In the development of creative products, we are not only careful that they reliably protect against underarm wetness and body odour in every situation. We also use 1/4 of the ideal Dove care cream for soft, supple and delicate looking skin. The care cream protects the sensitive underarm skin and helps it regenerate faster even with frequent shaving. For smooth and well-groomed armpits. Dove Men+Care provides care for men who stand in the middle of life and feel comfortable in their skin. The care range has been specially developed for them where the needs of male skin are the focus. Effective technologies nourish the skin and at the same time provide invigorating refreshment. So the deodorants, available as sprays and roll-ons, not only 48 hours effectively protect against underarm wetness and body odour. Thanks to the proportion of ¼ Dove care cream, they also help prevent skin irritation under the armpits - for a comfortable and well-groomed skin feeling. So men can face new challenges every day full of energy.

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