Eylure No. 015 (Naturals) Was Ultra Fine Strip Lashes



The Eylure brand was the brainchild of two world renowned make-up artists David and Eric Aylott. Founded in the late 1940's, the innovative product range was developed to help the brothers in their work and film - the most famous creating Elizabeth Taylor's legendary look as Cleopatra. The core Eylure range has always been about the enhancement and beautification of the eyes. The Eylure name is synonymous with the eyelashes that have been at the heart of the range since its inception. In the 60+ years since the brand was launched many changes have taken place within the product offering, evolving and innovating in line with fashion and the needs of the consumer Box Contains 1 set Lashes Latex Free Glue Instruction Leaflet Ultra Natural offers an easy alternative to mascara | Reusable | Easy to use

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