Fake Bake Original Lotion 6 Oz.



Fake Bake Original Tanning Lotion Self-Tanner The Tanning Lotion by Fake Bake is the self-tanner used by the stars! Thanks to its quality, he was honored in the New York Times as the best of its kind. It gives your skin an intense, deep tan without letting it orange. He can be easily and evenly applied and is also still wipe - and waterproof. Application: Clean the skin well before use and remove rough areas. Best to use a scrub. Shake the self-tanner well before use and then put a small amount on a glove and distribute in circular motions on the skin. To avoid streaks, the elbows and knees should be stretched when applied. For the next 4-6 hours, cosmetics should not be applied on the skin or bathed. After the exposure time, the self-tanner can be washed off with warm water. In order to achieve the best result, no soaps, shower gels or shampoos should be used here. Use the self-tanner for several days in a row until the desired tan is achieved. Erwachsene

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