Fushi Organic Almond Infused Calendula Oil 100ml



Product DescriptionCalendula oil is a gentle soothing oil, ideal for baby skin, and for tending flared up and irritated skin. Made with a high-strength infusion of pure Calendula flowers, macerated into organic pure Sweet Almond oil for three months to create a luxurious therapeutic skin treating oil. Sweet Almond oil resists oxidisation which makes it the ideal carrier oil to create a premium Calendula oil which nurtures and protects all skin types.IngredientsCalendula officinalis flores (organic fresh British Marigold flowers), Prunus dulcis (organic unrefinded cold pressed Golden Sweet Almond oil). Fushi Calendula oil is triple infused for 3 months on a 1:1 ratio of herb to oil. This provides a guaranteed laboratory tested minimum 4000mg/ltr of Terpenes. Triple infused over a 3 month period.

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