Hermesetas Original Mini Sweeteners, 300 Tablets



Hermesetas mini sweeteners may be small but they give you have all the sweetness you want in your tea or coffee without having any of those unwanted calories. Ingredients Sweetener Sodium Saccharin Safety Warning Keep dispenser dry at all times. Manufacturer's Description Hermes sweeteners.Maximum taste.Ideal for coffee, tea and hot beverages.Calorie free table top sweetner based on saccharin.Hermesetas mini sweeteners may be tiny but they give you all the sweetness you want in your tea or coffee without any of those unwanted calories. Mini sweeteners with maximum taste. What a great combination!Have you tried Hermesetas Granulated? Spoon-for-spoon it's as sweet as sugar and ideal for sprinkling onto fruit and cereals.Join the Hermesetas Plus Club.And recieve a regular pack featuring interesting articles, special offers, horoscopes and recipes. Send 2 Hermesetas logos from any of the Hermesetas product range to our consumer service, "Re: Plus Club".0 calories.One Hermesetas tablet (nil kJ) is equivalent in sweetness to one level metric teaspoon of sugar (75 kJ).Hermesetas can help slimming or weight control only as part of a calorie controlled diet.UK residents only: Hermesetas is suitable for diabetics providing it fits into their normal daily allowance and consumption is not excessive.For further information write to Hermesetas Consumer Service or Diabetes UK. Manufacturer Contact Information Hermes Sweeteners Ltd, Zurich.

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