Lanolin Nipple Soothing Cream 40ml

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Multipack, Money saving listing consisting of 6 x Lansinoh HPA Lanolin 40ml. For sore, cracked nipples and dry sensitive skin Helps soothe and protect Safe and hypoallergenic 100% natural The British Allergy Foundation Seal of approval World's purest lanolin nipple cream No need to remove before breastfeeding Paraben free No additives, preservatives or chemicals No taste, colour or smell - the most acceptable nipple cream for your breastfed baby The leading lanolin for breastfeeding mothers Also try other Lansinoh breastfeeding products: 2 in 1 Double Electric Breast Pump Use as a single or double pump Express more milk in half the time As effective as a hospital grade pump Effortless to assemble and easy to clean Ultra thin, stay dry Nursing Pads Discreet, naturally contoured Soft and breathable for comfort Non-slip tapes for secure fit One-way moisture technology Instructions for use: Soften a pea-sized amount between fingers and apply to the entire nipple after feeding or other problem area(s) as needed. Re-apply as often as necessary. Tip: Other mums have also used it for nappy rash, itchy stretch marks, minor cuts, burns and abrasions, dry skin patches and as a naturally moisturising lip balm.

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