L'Oreal Paris Men Expert Excell 5 Brush-In Hair Colour Natural Darkest Brown Shade 3

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Excel 5. Simple, fast, subtle. 5 minute, natural looking, grey covering Men's hair dye. Excel 5' Is the 1st brush-in hair colour from L'Oreal Paris designed specifically for men. Application consists of a few quick and easy steps, which only needs to be repeated up to every 4 weeks. Our formula is free from ammonia, for a pleasant smell, softer hair, and without any damage. We have specific shades for you, ranging from natural brown to darkest brown. Can't decide? Go lighter, you can always increase the intensity of the results. Follow 3 quick and easy steps for a natural result. The enclosed brush allows for precise application with a few strokes. Apply roughly every 4 weeks. Step 1: safety first! Put on the included plastic gloves. (Note: be sure to have completed allergy test). Step 2: Mix the colour base with developer/applicator. Step 3: Apply mixture onto the brush and administer to your grey hairs. Ingredients COLOURANT GEL: 1065994 - AQUA / WATER, DICETH-3, LAURETH-12, OLETH-30, DECETH-5, TRIDECETH-2, CARBOXAMIDE MEA, ETHANOLAMINE, GLYCERIN, OLEIC ACID, HEXADIMETHRINE CHLORIDE, OLEYL ALCOHOL, TOLUENE-2,5-DIAMINE, POLYQUATERNIUM-6, 2,4-DIAMINOPHENOXYETHANOL HCI, m-AMINOPHENOL, ASCORBIC ACID, THIOLACTIC ACID, POLYQUATERNIUM-24, 2-METHYLRESOURCINOL, 2-METHYL-5-HYDROXYETHYLAMINOPHENOL, N,N-BIS(2-HYDROXYETHYL_-p-PENYLENEDIAMINE SULFATE, RESOURCINOL, EDTA, PARFUM / FRAGRANCE. (C38780/1) DEVELOPER: 17894 - AQUA / WATER, HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, CETEARYL ALCOHOL, SODIUM STANNATE, TRIDECETH-2 CARBOXAMIDE MEA, PENTASODIUM PENTETATE, PHOSPHORIC ACID, CETEARETH-25, TETRASODIUM PYROPHOSPHATE, GLYCERIN. (C13169/25) L'Oreal Paris Men Expert male hair dye for up to 100% grey coverage | Application only takes 5 minutes | Results in a natural look | Free from ammonia for a pleasant smell | Lasts up to 4 weeks

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