Neutradol Carpet Deodorizer Original 350g

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Neutradol was the first odour destroyer to be introduced to the air freshener market and its unique formula has not been equalled. Years after its launch, as laboratory tests confirm, it is still the best odour destroyer available on the market. Neutradol, through the years, has become THE specialist in bad odour treatment. Neutradol Original Carpet Odour Destroyer is one of a family of home products designed to be the most effective deodorizers available and also comes in Super Fresh.Note: Date mentioned on the item is Manufactured date and not the Expiry dateDirectionsMagic on CarpetsNeutradol Carpet Odour Destroyer will clean and freshen your carpet getting rid of all pet, tobacco and other unpleasant odours. Directions for use on carpets: Hold container at an angle and sprinkle lightly and evenly over the carpet. Leave for a few minutes and vacuum.Banish Bad Odours in BinsDirections for use in bins: Sprinkle liberally over contents of kitchen and outside bins. Use frequently and your bins will remain pleasant and fresh. Not recommended for use on carpet tiles or similar pile types. Do not use on wet carpet. This product contains perfumes. Some people and pets may be sensitive to some perfumes. Remove pets from room before application. Wash hands after use. Contents settle after filling. Use only as directed. Just cleaned freshness | Active deodorizing destroys bad odours | Also works in refuse bins

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