Neutral Scent Free Rejuvenatingeye Cream



ORGANIC AVOCADO, SEAWEED, EVENING PRIMROSE, BAICALIN & EVERLASTING FLOWER EXTRACT Soothing, scent-free eye cream for sensitive eyes. Alcohol-free, anti-ageing formulation. Suitable for people who may be prone to eczema and psoriasis Rejuvenating, anti-ageing eye cream Ultra gentle and suitable for very sensitive eyes Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants Nourishing night treatment rich in essential fatty acids Green People Neutral/Scent Free Eye Cream is made without Parabens, Lanolin, alcohol (ethyl alcohol, ethanol), artificial perfumes, petrochemicals, phthalates and colourants to bring you the purest eye cream that nature can offer. certified organic body lotion 100% certified product, 87% certified organic ingredients

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