Phytomer Oligomer Silhouette Contouringenhancer Marine Bath - 8 sachets x40g



PHYTOMER leads you into a world of marine cosmetics with world-famous and effective skincare products renowned for their quality and originality. A marine cosmetic leader for 40 years, PHYTOMER is the first brand in the world to transpose the benefits of the sea to high-performance, sensory-stimulating products working towards a more natural and more lasting beauty. PHYTOMER introduces a customized 2-step contouring program to help reshape the figure. Step 1: slip into an OLIGOMER SILHOUETTE bath to relax and enjoy the action of its four exclusive marine ingredients. Step 2: apply a PHYTOMER contouring cream to resculpt the figure. The result: the bath boosts the contouring effectiveness of the cream for a sleeker figure. Box Contains 8x 40g Oligomer Silhouette Contouring Enhancer Marine Bath Sachets Boosts the contouring effectiveness of complementary body products. | 2-Step contouring program. | Ideal as a complement to an intensive contouring or cellulite treatment. | For a sleeker figure. | 40g sachets.

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