Renbow Crazy Color Semi-Permanent Hair Color Dye Peacock Blue 45 ÔøΩÔøΩÔøΩ 100ml

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Crazy Colour lsquo; auberginersquo; semi-permanent hair dye. For use on pre-lightened hair, lasts between 3 and 15 washes. Sorry we can only ship this product within mainland UK. Photographs show hair dye results on various hair types. Pictures include newly dyed, faded, bleached and unbleached hair. Dyes can have different results on different hair types. Doing a strand test prior to dying is recommended to ensure the desired colour is achieved. Directions FOR USE- Do not mix with hydrogen peroxide Wash your hair with an acid balanced Shampoo, such as lsquo; biomilkrsquo; or lsquo; bioherbalrsquo; to correct the acidity of the hair and allow for the best colouring results. Apply lsquo; Crazy colorrsquo; to wet hair with a brush, laying colour on the entire length of the hair shaft, stopping about 1/4-inch away from the scalp. Begin at the nape of the neck and work upward through the head of hair. Comb lsquo; Crazy colorrsquo; until it becomes frothy. This indicates that the complex colour pigments used in lsquo; Crazy colorrsquo; have penetrated into hair. Lighter shades of lsquo; Crazy colorrsquo; will require more combing to obtain maximum results. Lsquo; Crazy colorrsquo; will process at room temperature in 15 minutes. More resistant Hair may benefit from placing a plastic cap on the hair and processing for 30 minutes. Please note: skin patch testing is highly recommended before using any hair dye product. If a reaction occurs rinse off immediately and discontinue use. Ingredients Ingredients displayed on the bottle 0. Directions Instructions included. Box Contains 1 x Renbow Crazy Color Semi-Permanent Hair Color Dye Peacock Blue 45 - 100ml

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