Rennie Orange Chewable Tablets (48 Tablets)



Rennie Orange chewable tablets provide fast, powerful relief from heartburn and indigestion. Whether you're bothered by acid reflux during stressful times at work or, like many, can have trouble sleeping because of its burning sensation at night, the antacids work together fast to powerfully neutralise excess stomach acid and relieve your symptoms at the source of the problem. Small convenient packs are handy when out for a meal, drinks with friends or a celebration so you can put your energy into what matters. Take 1 to 2 chewable peppermint flavored tablets up to 3-4 times a day when you feel heartburn, acid reflux, or indigestion symptoms. Also suitable for use in pregnancy and breast feeding*. Rennie chewable tablets are suitable for vegetarians, vegans and children over 12.*Medicines can affect the unborn baby. Consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking medicines during pregnancy.IngredientsEach Tablet contains: Calcium Carbonate 500mg,Also contains: Sucrose and Colour (E124, E104) ,(Please see leaflet for more information).DirectionsTwo tablets to be sucked or chewed, as required, preferably 1 hour after meals and before bedtime. For heartburn an extra 2 tablets may be taken between these times. These doses may also be used during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Do not take more than 16 tablets a day.Prolonged use should be avoided. Children under 12: Not recommended.If symptoms persist after 14 days consult your pharmacist or doctor. Keep Out Of The Reach And Sight Of Children.Safety WarningIf you are taking antibiotics, tetracylines or other prescribed medicines, or are sensitive to any of the ingredients, consult your doctor or a pharmacist before taking Rennie. As long as you do not take more than the recommended dose, side effects are unlikely. If you experience any unusual effects after taking these tablets you should seek the advice of a doctor or pharmacist. Rennie may be taken during pregnancy and whilst breast feeding, but should only be used when needed. Warning: If symptoms persist consult your doctor. Keep out of reach of children.Box Contains1 x Rennie Orange Flavour Chewable 48 Tablets Fast and effective tablets for heartburn, indigestion and acid reflux | Chewable orange flavored tablets for on-the-go relief | Rennie antacids convert excess stomach acid into water and other natural substances; take 1 to 2 tablets up to 3-4 times a day | With over 86 years of experience, it's no surprise that Rennie is the one of the UK's high selling Heartburn and Indigestion tablet brand | Suitable for use during pregnancy and breast-feeding*; suitable for vegans and for children aged 12 and over; can be taken day or night for fast relief of heartburn and indigestion | *Medicines can affect the unborn baby; consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking medicines during pregnancy

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