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Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Electric Breast Pump, White. It is advised that you rinse the air tube in warm soapy water onlyTrouble shooting stepsIf you find your breast pump isn?t creating much suction, firstly check that the seal around your breast is secure as if not, air could get in. If everything?s good, follow the steps below to help see where an issue may be:Test the air tube against your hand to double check if there?s suction. If there isn?t, take the air tube out of the motor placing your hand where the tube was connected. If there?s suction, you may need a new air tube.There?s a white valve that hangs down into the bottle (we call this a duckbill valve). Check that the split across the bottom of it?s open. If not, give it a little rub between your finger and thumb to help open it up.If that?s not the issue then check the air tube for damage, along with all the plastic parts that make up the breast pump.If none of these tips help, change the settings by pressing each button on the motor. You don?t necessarily need to use setting number 3 to get maximum suction, as everyone?s different. Box Contains 1 x electric breast pump 1 x microwave steriliser-box 1 x milk storage pot 1 x Closer to Nature 150 ml bottle with slow-flow teat 6 x breast pads

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