Beauty Image Chocolate Warm Wax Roll On



Beauty Image warm wax is recommended for all skin types. Its low temperature of 37C to 39C allows application in people with circulatory problems, capillary fragility and people with heat sensitivity. The Chocolate depilatory wax is enriched with theobroma cacao and almond oil. This innovative composition gives it particular characteristics that provide a pleasant and effective waxing process, leaving the skin hydrated and regenerated. The smell of chocolate will not only make the experience much more pleasant but will also calm the mind. Making it more enjoyable and far less painful. Its deep hair removal and skin moisturising ability make the chocolate warm wax a market favourite! Box Contains 6 x Chocolate Warm Wax Roll On Enriched with Cocoa Butter specially for normal and sensitive skin | Calms, soothes and softens the skin | Pleasant chocolate smell | Excellent for sensitive skin as it is enriched with theobroma cacao and almond oil | The quickest and most practical waxing method

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