Boon Building Bath Pipes Toy Set



Struggle to keep your little one entertained whilst in the bath? Who would have thought leaky pipes could be so much fun?! This version makes bath time a scooping and pouring extravaganza and is great for encouraging hand-eye coordination. This set of PIPES comes in five shapes that can be used individually or put together to make a chain and cascading waterfall effect. They suction to the wall so the water goes back in the tub, not on the floor. Simple but effective, your child will continue to play with these for many years. 100% BABY & CHILDREN SAFE - This toy is completely FREE of any BPA, PHTHALATE and PVC | BOON PIPES - This set of 5 multicoloured / multishaped pipes can be used individually or as a set to direct waterflow | EDUCATIONAL - Your child can use the pipes to design many different ways of directing water flow whilst having lots of fun (and getting wet in the process!) | MAKE IT BIGGER - you can buy additional 'bolt-on' PIPE sets as your child grows so the fun just continues

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