Dove Baby Lotion Sensitive Moisture 200ml

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Dove Baby Sensitive Lotion. We know there’s no right or wrong way to be a parent only your way. That’s why Baby Dove is here to help you to care for your baby on your exciting but sometimes daunting journey together. Trust your way and we’ll provide the skin care to support you on how to bathe a baby. Our range of baby lotion, baby skin lotion, baby body lotion, baby shampoo and soap, baby lotion for sensitive skin, safe baby lotion, baby bath time products, baby bathing products and baby wash products and soap for babies provides your baby with skin care that goes beyond mildness and restores essential moisture. Whether it’s tear-free tip to toe wash during baby bathtime, or a soothing lotion afterwards, Baby Dove gives you confidence that you’re providing the best care for your baby's skin. As a parent, you know that your baby’s skin needs special care – but did you know that after every bath a baby's skin can lose moisture up to 5 times faster than yours? Your baby’s skin is beautiful - but as a parent, you know that little ones can get dry skin that needs special care. That’s why we created our unique Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Fragrance Free and unscented baby lotion. Our lotion for babies has the formula that soothes dry skin from the first use and provides all day moisture that leaves baby skin feeling soft.

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