Dr Bach Walnut Bach Flower Remedy 10ml

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The walnut remedy offers us constant protection from outside influences and is the plant of new beginnings. It is helpful with any changes in life and new routines such as marriage, divorce, moving house or a new job. It is of special help to those who are oversensitive to change, certain ideas, atmosphere and influences. The walnut remedy assists us through these events in life so that we do not lose our way.We take considerable care to produce flower remedies which are prepared and made in accordance with the clearly presented methods of Dr. Bach who made it very clear and, indeed, stated emphatically that the flower remedies were not homoeopathic preparations. Therefore, our essences are preserved only in brandy, at a 1:240 dilution of flower essence, closely following his original instructions. Consequently, they contain 417 times more flower essence than those made by 5x homoeopathic dilution.IngredientsWALNUT Bach Flower RemedyDirectionsTake two drops in a cup of water and sip at intervals, or two drops of each chosen remedy in 30ml bottle of mineral water and from this take four drops four times a day until relief is obtained. It's quite safe to take these as often as needed. Hold the dose in the mouth for a few moments before swallowing.Safety WarningThe remedies have no adverse effects. However, like other forms of natural medicine, they may allow suppressed symptoms to surface. These could include such things as rashes while the body is being cleared of toxins, or an awareness of emotions which have been denied expression. These are an important part of the healing process and are only temporary.Box Contains1 x Ainsworths Walnut Bach Flower Remedy 10 ml Original bach fower remedies based on the 1:240 formula | Assists in creating a sense of peace | Suitable for all the family | Balances emotions | Assists in the prevention and treatment of physical illness

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