Dylon Brilliant Black 10 Sheets



Innovative sheet that revives the depth and intensity of dark colours and helps to protect the brilliance of blacks & darks. Revives Intensity Damaged fibres are responsible for dull colours and the loss of colour intensity. The powerful ingredients of Brilliant Black bring back the intensity of your dark colours by smoothing even damaged fibres. Brilliant Black helps to revive your darks again! Helps to protect colours The innovative formula helps to protect the brilliance and intensity of your dark colours. The Brilliant Black sheet keeps fibres smooth, helping to prevent darks from looking faded and from becoming dull - wash after wash. Easy to use - just add to the drum with your detergent Use the Brilliant Black sheet in addition to your usual detergent - for fantastic laundry results, care and protection for your dark colours. The unique formula smoothes your garments' fibres wash after wash, and so the best results are achieved by regular use. Product does not contain dye. Ingredients <5% Polycarboxylates, Further Ingredients: Preservation Agents, Benzisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Perfumes, Enzymes Safety Warning Precautions: always follow the machine manufacturer's guidelines and washing instructions on the label of you garment. Avoid using bleach on dark colours - this might result in irreparable damage to your colours. If you have had an issue in the past with small items becoming trapped in the washing machine filter (e.g. socks) then place the sheet inside a laundry bag before use. Manufacturer Contact Information 2Nd Floor, Betchworth House 57/65 Station Road Redhill Rh1 1Dl

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