Elegant Touch Totally Bare Nails Oval Number 002

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Totally Bare nails are a blank canvas so you can create your own look. Whether you want to polish them or get inspired with nail art, they are simple to use as you can decorate the nails before applying them to your hands. Polish lasts much longer when applied to a press-on nail as it adheres firmly and the lack of moisture, found on your natural nails will ensure the colour will not lift.Box Containsx 48 Nails in 10 Sizes Nail Glue Nail Buffer Instruction Leaflet 48 Nails with Glue | 10 Nail Sizes | Up to 10 Days of Wear | No nail buffer included in pack | Please note Elegant Touch is currently going through a rebrand this year, packaging may vary while new packaging flows through, the product inside hasn’t changed and remains the same.

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