Fineliner Black Set of 4

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Bright colours with water-based pigment ink, high quality, light-fast and smell-resistant. No smudges. Graphix Fineliner Set - Line Thickness 0.2mm, 0.4 mm, 0.8 mm and Brush Tip Metal encased plastic tip and clip cap Ideal for illustrations, sketches, final artwork and much more. Creativity can hit you wherever you are. It can be a vision; a picture; a feeling that dominates you. You have to give them more freedom to let it develop. Creativity must flow. Creativity must be free. The world is your inspiration. You can create a storm. With simple strokes, you can create complex shapes, colours and surfaces. From the impulse to do something new. And now you can create everything. No long preparations You just need a marker and a sheet of paper to give space to your creativity. It's not about being artistic, but about drawing your ideas whenever you want. The Marabu Graphix provides you with the right tools to make your creativity run free. The range of markers gives you every chance to put your ideas on paper. Whether it's relaxing doodles while on the phone, illustrated reflections during a conference or afloat memories while browsing old photographs. The Graphix Marker Series gives you complete creative freedom and accompanies you through the world.

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