Macleans Whitening Toothpaste Tube 100ml

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Macleans Whitening has a revolutionary formulation containing a unique ingredient Triclene, which with regular use gently whitens you teeth. Containing no harsh abrasives, bleaches or peroxides - it is meant to be used every day. Macleans Whitening's Unique Cleaning System with fluoride gives you all the protection you expect from Macleans. Brushing twice daily with Macleans Whitening fights plaque and tartar, and helps keep your teeth and gums health and clean. The invigorating taste of Macleans Whitening leaves your mouth fresh - a Unique Cleaning System for advanced whitening. Whitening effect requires 28 days daily usage. Visibly whiter teeth with regular usage compared with a family toothpaste. As assessed by dental professionals Longer lasting whitening microparticles effectively whiten Leaves an invisible barrier to help prevent discolouration and dullness Enamel protection removes stains without damaging tooth enamel With regular brushing helps protect against plaque and decay Whitening fluoride toothpaste.

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