Tigi Catwalk 750Ml Your Highness Elevating Shampoo

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The Catwalk Your Highness Elevating Shampoo is a volumising shampoo that enhances hair volume, thickness and body. It moisturises hair without weighing it down so volume is maintained. The volumising shampoo also smooths frizz, flyaways and static and increases hair shine. Ideal for fine hair, flat hair and thin hair. Work the volumising shampoo into wet hair, then rinse. For best results, follow with the Your Highness Elevating Conditioner. Formulated with Cleansing Agents that remove oil, product build up and more from hair to prevent them weighing hair down, Conditioning Agent that prevents flyaways, frizz and static without weighing hair down, Sweet Almond Oil that penetrates and nourishes hair and Glycerine that conditions and moisturises hair and controls frizz.The shampoo comes with a Fully Fabulous fragrance.

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